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Wednesday, July 16, 2003  


There, I've finally updated my blog for the first time in weeks. Hope that satisfies your insationable desire for Pantsdown's view of the world.

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Wednesday July 16, 2003

A US judge has dropped aggravated assault and burglary charges against a man after psychologists agreed the episode was provoked by excessive consumption of jasmine tea, causing him to dream of biblical struggles between good and evil.

It seems that George W Bush has the same jasmine tea problem. He often has illusions of biblical struggles between good and evil.

I'm gonna try this jasmine tea thing out and then check on my friends at www.nicecupofteaandasitdown.com.

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The Age. Wednesday July 16, 2003.

Tom, 27, is looking for work as an administrative assistant, so he was surprised yesterday when the Government's new Job Network software suggested he consider working as a call-girl.

"Ladies of all ages wanted for busy city escort agency!" read the job vacancy emailed to him overnight by the Job Network's state-of-the-art electronic referrals database.

Meanwhile, in Western Australia, 41-year-old Mark Coddington's Job Network offer was from an overseas-based company telling him all he needed to do was receive money for them in Australia and deposit it in their bank account.

"We now hiring a honest, reliable partner in Australia , who agree to receive payments from our customers. You receive UP TO 5%!!! for just receiving payments!" read Mr Coddington's oddly worded job offer.

Employment Services Minister Mal Brough, on launching the Job Network's new electronic database, declared that it would "open up opportunities which people in the past only dreamt of".

The two puzzled job seekers are among 700,000 unemployed people who can now use Australian Job Search, a national Government-administered database matching jobless people with job vacancies.

Every night, the database sorts through available vacancies and available job seekers, and tries to match them up.

What the hell's going on! Years ago when I was on the dole the useless morons at the employment office never found good jobs like these. They'd come up with all sorts of crap like factory worker, office clerk, telemarketer. Real shit jobs, not once was I offerred something in my chosen professions of Gigalo or better still a honest to goodness get rich quick scheme.

The IT revolution is bringing so many benefits. And as computers get smarter I'm sure we can all hope to be employed in decent soul satisfying jobs like the ones these lucky fellows were offered.

If we do away with all the stress of looking for the right job, perfect partner, nice place to live etc. and let the computers make all our major life decisions the Earth will become such a peaceful place, no wars, no crime, no pollution. We can just float in our little individual tanks and produce good clean environmentally friendly electricity for our friends The Computers.

Now I must be off. I have to register at the employment office.

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