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Tuesday, February 18, 2003  


Greetings Fellow Odd Bloggers,
Apologies for my extended departure. I have been travelling the World... whilst there's still a world to see.
It was a hectic time but a matter of great importance. I had some special business to attend to in London, Paris and Rome, plus a short side trip to Switzerland, regarding a revolution against the evil tirant known as George W Bush.

As you may have seen on the weekend I have gathered a good deal of followers to the Pantsdown cause and even dispatched messengers to El Presidente Bush's own shores and other far flung places of the planet to gather supporters to show our strength.

I also visited Edinburgh in Scotland on the 31st December and collected a large contingent there who were all willing to take to the streets on a cold winters night and show solidarity for the cause in what the locals refer to as "Hogmanay". By the end of the evening there were thousands of jolly followers dancing in the streets, hugging and kissing strangers as if they were long lost loved one's. It was a sight to behold.

But now I have returned and will endeavour to continue the Pantsdown mission.

Stay tuned.

posted by Steve | 10:31 AM
Whoa! How did that get there?