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Sunday, November 10, 2002  

The Age. 8th November, 2002
The Governor of the Australian state of Victoria, John Landy faces unfair dismissal action after sacking a steward for alleged misconduct including whistling, singing in the pantry, and providing his wife, Mrs Landy, with her runners when she had requested walking shoes.

Jonathon Prince had his employment terminated by Government House's official secretary because of a list of concerns held by Government House staff about Mr Prince's performance.

They include that he allowed fires "to go almost out", and, on August 23, forgot to give Mrs Landy and her tennis guest their tea, coffee, and the "usual fruit platter".

Since late July, "Jonathon has been whistling and singing and humming to himself in a low tone which has irritated others and is not appropriate behaviour for a member of the pantry".

On October 5, Mr Prince left work early, and walked "by two urns of dead flowers". On a country tour, Mrs Landy "made a specific request for her walking shoes". "Jonathon assumed these were runners rather than the shoes Mrs Landy required, which were not obviously walking shoes," his performance review said.

It's about time they cracked down on these slackers who are so blissfully unaware of their own incompetence that they perpetually whistle and even sing, in the pantry none-the-less. What is this world coming to?

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Thursday, November 07, 2002  

This week the Victorian state government announced that there would be an election held on November 30.

You can vote online at www.ratemypoo.com

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Saturday, November 02, 2002  


Did you know that there's a town in Austria called Fucking?

Well I'll tell you what, it was fucking news to me. But it's made me as fucking happy as a fucking pig in fucking muck because now I can use the fucking word "fucking" as much as I fucking well like, because it's not actually fucking swearing, it's a fucking town in fucking Austria. Which is just fucking brilliant!

Here's the fucking photographic proof:
Welcome to Fucking Austria

And if you still don't fucking believe me, here's a fucking web site to fucking prove it. Click fucking here. Fucking fuck fuckers.

A fucking note to all the fucking Geographically Challenged fucking idiots out there:
Fucking Austria has nothing to do with fucking Australia. Fucking kangaroos are fucking native to fucking Australia not fucking Austria (there might be some kanga-fucking-roos in fucking zoos in fucking Austria though). Fucking Austria is in fucking Europe and fucking Australia is a fucking big island with the Indian fucking Ocean on it's west fucking coast and the Pacific fucking Ocean on it's east fucking coast. There are no fucking oceans near Austria, it's completely fucking land-locked. I hope we've fucking cleared that up.

Well that's fucking it. It's fucking late so I'm going to fucking bed... maybe I'll get some fucking fucking.

OK. I think I might have over-fucking-done it with the fucking thing. What do you fucking think?

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Hey guys!

*** Do you love dudes who know how to ROCK? ***
*** And do you love PUSSIES? ***
*** Does the idea of seeing both of these combined turn you on? ***

Well then, click here and all your dreams will come true.

I promise... Would I lie to you???

Give it time.

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What's in Wynona's shirt

See! There's nothing hidden in my shirt.

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Whoa! How did that get there?